Power Point SlideThis is a sample of our MS PowerPoint® STD Presentation on CD-rom requires MS PowerPoint® software. The example discusses yeast infections. Each disease state discusses 1) Agent, 2) Symptoms, 3) Long Term Health Risks, 4) Treatment, 5) Curable.

Each CD rom has two separate presentations. One contains photographic images and the alternate does not. The discretion of the inidividual instructor should determine which presentation to use based upon the maturity level of the audience.



To the left is a sample of a page from the curriculm.

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Tyree Product & Disclaimer 1
Title Page 2
General Guidelines 3, 4
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome 5-9
Candidiasis Monilia 10-12
Chlamydia 13-15
Chancres 16, 17
Gardnerella Hemophilus 18, 19
Genital Herpes Simplex II 20-22
Genital Warts – Condyloma 23-26
Gonorrhea 27-29
Hepatitis B 30-32
Hepatitis C 33-35
Non-Gonococcal Urethritis 36, 37
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease 38-40
Pubic Lice 41-43
Scabies 44, 45
Syphilis 46-48
Trichomoniasis 49-52
Pregnancy 53-56
Introductory Activity “KISS & TELL” 57-70
STD Worksheet
STD Worksheet and Study Guide
STD Test and Answer Key
Critical Thinking Skills Worksheet
“Wheel of Misfortune” - Rules