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Tyree Teaching has been providing educators with Sexually Transmitted Disease curriculums since 1992. We offer an innovative curriculum with unique gaming techniques that allow for successful teaching about sexually transmitted diseases / AIDS. Our curriculums are updated throughout the year when news is released regarding sexually transmitted diseases.

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Wheel of Misfortune S.T.D.’s Not A Choice of the New Generation,” is a curriculum based on the latest data from the Center for Disease Control and numerous other health care professional resources. The curriculum is a complete guide to teaching S.T.D’s. Activities, worksheets, cooperative learning, problem solving and more all in a convenient three ring binder. This product gives educators an innovative method to teach the new generation about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases. The instructor’s curriculum guide discusses STD agents, symptoms of STDs, long-term health risks,and treatment.

To compliment the curriculum we have created a fun and engaging review technique “The Wheel of Misfortune.” The gaming technique that challenges students to recall and review S.T.D. facts and information. Cooperative learning and team concepts are utilized. “The Wheel of Misfortune” is a full colored game board 22” wide by 25” high. It is designed with the sexually transmitted diseases arranged on the wheel with a floating spinner in the center. It is designed to be hung up in the classroom. When a student spins he or she must answer questions about the STD that the spinner points to.

STD Curriculum CD-rom


Microsoft PowerPoint® STD Presentation on CD-rom requires Microsoft PowerPoint® software